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A variety of ravines and water cannons pure white descending Ecuadorian Andes gives us a natural spectacle like no other, waterfalls erode the rocks for many years have created the perfect

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Kayaking in Baños Ecuador


There are different sources as to how this exciting sport had its beginnings. There are legends about ancient raiders, people who descended the torrential rivers on rafts of tree trunks tied together.

The origin of kayaking is recorded in the North Pole with the Eskimos, which is where the name of the best-known move of the sport comes ..


In the mid-‘70s a climber performed a jump by tying a rope to a bridge and then jump to the end of another bridge and between the two anchor points


Paragliding is a sport born at the end of the 20th century. It has been practiced in Ecuador for more than 20 years


It's an extreme sport that consists of a flight along a zip-line - a pulley suspended by steel cables interlaced on a slope above the tree line.

Rock Climbing

Originally, rock-climbing is described as a derivation of mountaineering. This activity was considered as mere training for mountain climbing..


This tour is a mixed physical activity that includes hiking and cycling, in close contact with the nature.


We go by private vehicle from Baños at 08:00 am to Laguna Quilotoa , this journey takes approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

Jungle Tour

Reception in Lago Agrio at 9:00 pm, where we will take private transport to the entrance of Cuyabeno....

Horseback Riding Tours

This activity is performed on natural trails, where the participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery on horseback..