Cuyabeno Jungle Tour

Day 1

Reception in Lago Agrio at 9:00 pm, where we will take private transport to the entrance of Cuyabeno, where we will have a box lunch. At this point, visitors must register at the office of the Reserve and pay admission. Here our naturalist guide will give you information about the Reserve, important recommendations and other tips to start browsing for two hours in the Cuyabeno River Lodge Jamu . During the canoe ride will get a first look at the forest and were able to see different kinds of birds like the caciques, orioles and the prehistoric Hoatzin bird. You may also be able to see a variety of monkeys and other jungle animals, depending on the time and weather conditions. Arrive at Jamu Lodge around 4:30 pm. At that time it will show you to your rooms and you can relax a little. After nap we will leave the lodge for a swim in the lagoon and watch a beautiful sunset amidst the Laguna Grande. Then back to camp for dinner and you can finish your first day in the jungle, relax in a hammock or enjoy a drink at the bar.

Day 2

After breakfast a walk of about 3-4 hours via the primary forest, where the guide will explain about a tropical forest, and medicinal plants. They can also observe large trees like CEIBO or small insects like ants. They return to camp for lunch and a break in the afternoon we will fish for piranhas, to see the beautiful butterflies, and swim in the lagoon. If possible can see the beautiful pink dolphin . And enjoy the stunning fall sun. Then we return to camp for dinner. At night we made a nocturnal activity, focused on the search for alligators on the banks of the river.

Day 3

We returned to camp after breakfast we canoe down the river on a path about an hour to visit a family Tarapuy community. We can learn how to prepare Cassava, Yuca traditional bread. Where help in its preparation and Learn to use the materials from the forest to make bread in this deal all day, returning to the Lodge at about two o’clock. After lunch we relaxed activities to end the day we will have a short walk through the primary forest focused observe nocturnal insects such as spiders, geckos and scorpions, and hear the noises and sounds of the night.

Day 4

Early morning before breakfast, an excursion birding is optional. Returning to the lodge has breakfast and then transfer to Lago Agrio to take the bus or the return flight.

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