Rafting in BaƱos

There are different sources as to how this exciting sport had its beginnings. There are legends about ancient raiders, people who descended the torrential rivers on rafts of tree trunks tied together. Other legends speak of explorers, hunters and fishermen that ran the rivers in small boats of balsa wood.

The network of waterways that flows throughout the Ecuadorian Andes, dividing the coast from the Amazon, offers Ecuador an extensive collection of rivers with varying levels of rapids perfect for practicing aquatic sports like rafting, kayaking and others. Enjoy the water; join in on a unique adventure, appropriate for beginners and experts alike.

Description of the River

The Pastaza River - Class III, IV+ rapids, with a water level that varies between 2,000 and 4,000 cubic millimeters throughout the year - is found between Llanganates y Sangay National Parks, flowing through "La Puerta Dorada" (The Golden Gate) with a natural, ecologically diverse beauty that gives us the opportunity to observe the great variety of flora and fauna that adorns Pastaza's magical corridor.

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